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3 ways to AB-repeat Spotify

Written by Lars Karbo on December 28, 2020

Whether you are a musician, producer or curator, AB-repeating a piece of music can be an essential tool.

With the rise of online music streaming, many people use Spotify for all their music needs.

Here are some ways you can AB-repeat segments from Spotify.

3 Ways to Loop Segments from Spotify

3 ways to AB-repeat Spotify

1. Slooooop

Sloop is a Chrome extension that lets you AB-repeat from Spotify.

2. Audacity

If you have a chance to download the mp3 from somewhere, you can use Audacity or your favourite DAW to loop segments.

3. Slapper

Slapper is a modern platform solving this exact need. Slapper is a web app that connects to the Spotify API and lets you mark up and loop segments from any Spotify track.

With Slapper, you can also make notes and save collections of segments for later use.

Start AB-repeating with Slapper now.


AB-Looping is such a fundamental tool and it’s a shame it’s not included in Spotify by default. Slapper is the most comprehensive and good platform for musicians succeeding with modern tools in a modern era.